Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg makes surprise return to ‘The View’ after falling ill

Next, tonight, whoopi Goldberg’s major health scare and her message about the pneumonia and the sepsis and how quickly it can all turn. Here’s ABC’s linsey Davis. Reporter: Tonight, the surprise return that even whoopi Goldberg’s co-hosts on “The view” didn’t see coming. We’re hoping she’ll be back here soon, maybe next week. We’ll see. Hurry back, whoopi, and get better. Reporter: The euphoria for Goldberg’s first live appearance on the show since early February. This is my first foray out. I’m not there yet. I know that. The only way I’m going to get better is if I begin. So this is my beginning. Reporter: Goldberg first went to the hospital with a high fever and soon learned she had pneumonia in both lungs. But that illness led to sepsis, which is the body’s deadly response to an infection. It kills 270,000 Americans annually. There’s death and here’s me. Yeah. That’s how it was. And you think because you’ve healed quick before, that something crazy can’t happen? Well, it can. A double-pneumonia and sepsis. Reporter: Medical experts tell us that early intervention is key. And they’re echoing what whoopi said, if you feel off, seek advice. She is hopeful she may be back again on Monday. Good to have you back, thank you, Lindsay. When we come back, the close

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